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Bodywork Services + Add-ons

Therapeutic Massage

A personalized blend of informed soft tissue manipulation and intuitive touch custom designed to suit your unique needs in managing chronic pain and stress.


45 min: $65 | 60 min: $80 

75 min: $95 | 90 min: $115


Energetic Release Massage

Level up your massage with a customized body & energy work session for the body that seems to struggle with unrelieved tension and symptoms. I will use Foundational MBSR™ techniques + ideomotor testing by finding stored emotions & cellular imprints within the body that are holding you back and release them through cold light laser. Combined with a therapeutic massage working on the areas of support your body needs. My goal for you is to leave feeling refreshed + increased clarity.


Est. 90 min: $155

*Appointments run 90-110 minutes depending on findings*


Pregnancy Massage

Research shows prenatal massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. 


60 min: $80 | 75 min: $95

90 min: $115


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan salt is a uniquely pink in color and packed with 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements. Many of these minerals provide the body with health and healing benefits. During a Himalayan salt stone massage, pink salt stones are heated to allow the minerals to absorb into the body, maximizing the salt's many benefits.


$15 add-on to Therapeutic or Postpartum Massage


Postpartum Massage

Happy mama is a happy baby. A custom massage session tailored to support a mother's needs through holding and feeding baby. 


45 min: $65 | $60 min: $80

75 min: $95 | 90 min: $115


Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy uses suction to gently pull the skin and superficial muscle layers upward, rather than applying pressure. This loosens muscles and fascia, encourages blood flow, relieves pain, and sedates the nervous system.


Partial: $10 add-on | Full-set: $15 add-on

to Therapeutic or Postpartum Massage

30 min: $55 cupping only session

Hot Stones

Hot Stone Massage

Add a whole new level of relaxation to your massage by adding hot stones. The practitioner may place stones on problem areas or as a form of relaxation through the sheets to prevent burning. Throughout the session, stones are moved around to promote deep tissue massage.


$10 add-on to Therapeutic or Postpartum Massage

$15 for hot + cold stones

*All rates are subject to change with or without notice. Rates include tax, credit card/Venmo processing fees, & tip consideration.

  • What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?
    So many! Some of the core benefits include reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, reduction of stress hormones, promote better sleep, overall relaxation of the body, increased joint mobility and flexibility, improved recovery of soft tissue injury, reduce depression, heighten mental alertness, reduce anxiety, and so much more!
  • What type of techniques do you use?
    Some of these modalities may include deep tissue, Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, assisted stretches, and myofascial release techniques. I combine all of these into a very customized session with intuitive touch based on what I feel your body needs at the time of your session.
  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Yes! I require all sessions to be booked in advance to ensure I can meet the needs of all my clients in a timely manner. I have an online booking service to add convenience in scheduling your appointment and complete all forms prior to your appointment. If you do not see a time that works for you or as soon as you'd like, feel free to reach out and request to be put on my waitlist. If I receive a cancellation, I will go through my waitlist requests before posting on social media.
  • How do you enhance my session?
    Hot towels, heated table (by request), the use of organic mediums, and essential oils are all included in your session at no additional cost. Enhancements are available by your request for an additional cost. I have a variety of music selections such as mediation music, indie style, acoustic, etc. I am more than happy to play any genre, artist, or album of your choice at the time of your session, per your request. Pro tip! If you're a prenatal client and have a playlist for your birth, play it at your bodywork session to create a relaxing environment preparing for your labor and delivery.
  • Am I expected to chat during my session?
    Nope! I can read your cues and respect whether you would like a time of silence or if you'd like to chat during your session. When it comes to conversation, I follow your lead. Always.
  • Can I bring my baby with me to my appointment?
    Although I'm a huge advocate for needing your own time for self-care, I understand that you may not be able to find someone to watch your little one. You absolutely can bring your baby (not crawling or walking age) to your appointment. You're welcome to cuddle with your baby laying on your while I work, we can also go over some infant massage techniques for you to use at home!
  • How often should I receive a massage?
    Each case is individual and will be determined after your initial intake and treatment. Unless we are working through a specific goal that requires frequent treatment (every 1-2 weeks) I typically see folks every 4-6 weeks for regular, maintenance care. If you'd like to become a regular client, please book at least 1-2 appointments in advance to secure your appointment.
  • What does parking and the waiting room look like?
    The New Ulm Wellness Collective offers parking in front of the building as well as handicapped parking. My space is on the main level and is handicapped accessible. Please wait in the designated waiting room until I am ready for your session.
  • Do I need to tip?
    Although tipping is greatly appreciated, it is not expected. I would rather you use those funds towards your next session.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Short answer, no. I do not bill through insurance. However, if you have an Health Savings Account (HSA) I am able to take most HSA cards for payment.
  • What payment types do you accept?
    I accept credit cards, cash, Venmo, and checks (if approved with practitioner). A credit card on file is required to reserve your appointment. Your card WILL NOT be charged unless of a no-show or cancellation less than 24-hour notice.

Massage therapists that are members of Respect Massage hold themselves to the highest standards of an ethical, boundary-driven practice. Respect Massage members have a zero-tolerance policy for solicitations of any kind. Jokes, innuendo, and inappropriate requests are taken seriously and will result in the swift termination of the session. When choosing a practice displaying the Respect Massage logo, you can have confidence in the safety and professionalism you will experience as a client.


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