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“All disease originates in the mind. Nothing appears on the body unless there is a mental pattern corresponding to it.”
― Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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A Method to Deactivate Negative Experiences in the Subconscious

Have you ever had times where you're feeling stressed in your work or home life and then eventually you start to feel ill or have body aches and pains? Our bodies store unwanted emotions that will eventually show up as physical symptoms. When you clear the trapped emotional energy from the body (in the organs, glands, tissues, etc.) where the emotion is stored, our body starts to function and heal better on its own. As we use detective work and peel back the emotional layers, your body will enhance its capacity to heal on a physical level in a remarkable way! MBSR™ is an incredible technique that can immensely accelerate the healing process!

MBSR™ is great for those seeking:

  • Reduce the effects of stress and stressful triggers on the mind and body.

  • Release limiting emotional baggage.

  • Enhance spiritual growth.

  • Create and foster healthier relationships.

  • Develop healthier boundaries.

  • Become aware of and more in control of what behaviors are driving actions.

  • Develop a deeper sense of love and self-forgiveness.

  • Experience more physical and emotional balance.

  • Enhance cognitive clarity and speed.

What is MBSR™?

"The purpose of Mind Body Spirit Release is to identify the subconscious cellular imprints that are contributing to harmful patterns that we inadvertently perpetuate.

Additionally MBSR helps to reduce emotional & physical stress on the body. 

Instead of being directed by our subconscious reactions to large or small life events. MBSR helps us to recognize what is impacting our emotions & behavior, and "deactivate" the reactions." 

- Amanda Mirabella, Master Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner

  • Who do you do work with for MBSR™ sessions?
    Anyone! I do however specialize in clearings geared specifically to women, mothers, soon-to-be mothers, infants, and children. MBSR™ is an amazing technique for pregnant women who are seeking additional support their emotional health through their pregnancy and postpartum. Your nervous system during pregnancy heavily impacts the baby and when you're able to clear emotional blockages during pregnancy, you're also benefiting baby! So awesome!
  • What is muscle/energy testing?
    Our bodies are so amazing and with the right tools and support, we can become the BEST versions our ourselves. "Muscle testing is a form of binary feedback - the measure of our body's response to a stimulus. Since our muscles are controlled by our nerves, we can present the body with a stimulus and understand whether it strengthens or weakens the nervous system. When we introduce physical items such as food or supplements, we see how they impact the nervous system. We can identify emotional blocks through muscle testing as well using energetic imprints of specific emotions, organs / glands, etc." - Amanda Mirabella, Master Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner Learn more about muscle/energy testing:
  • How to remote clearings work?
    "There is an invisible field of intelligence through which we are all connected: the Quantum Field/Unified Field/Consciousness. Particles that are entangled are able to "know" the states of each other at some level. Once two objects have been in contact with each other, they are forever connected and one has the ability to affect the other. Particles can affect each other instantaneously across ANY distance. Explains synchronicity, sending "good energy/love to someone." - Information above is from MBSR™ Academy training materials An example that I personally like to give others: Have you ever thought of someone you hadn't talked to in awhile or thought about reaching out to? Then shortly after having that thought, they reach out to you? This is not just a "coincidence," although I do believe in those too, you are connected to that person and putting that thought/intention out in the universe. Remote energy work is just as effective as if you were to be in person. "Though free to think and act, we are held together, like stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them. For ages this idea has been proclaimed in the consummately wise teachings of religion, probably not alone as a means of ensuring peace and harmony among men, but as a deeply founded truth. The Buddhist expresses it in a way, the Christian in another, but both say the same: We are all one." - Nikola Tesla
  • What does an MBSR™ session look like?
    At your initial session, we will start by going over your intake form that is filled out prior to your session and build off of that as to what intention you would like to work through. At additional clearing sessions, we may continue to work through the same intention, add to it, or work through a completely different intention that needs clearing on a deeper level. I will use muscle and energy testing to identify what blocks need to be cleared by tapping into the subconscious. Once we have identified the collection of blocks or stressors that are impairing the body, I will use a cold laser over acupressure reflex points to help aid in calming the nervous system response and release negative imprints stored in the subconscious. Read more about how cold laser works here: At the end of the session, there will be a time of acclimation while I test you for action steps specifically to what your body needs which will help solidify the shifts and enhance your clearing. This could be anything from self care techniques, use of certain oils, etc. You will leave with clearing notes and items that came up in your session. Sessions can run anywhere from 20 to 75 minutes with a recommendation of every 1-3 weeks until you feel like you have achieved your intention to your satisfaction. Mini sessions (non-interactive) are available to those who've received at least two interactive sessions. Most of my sessions are done remotely (online or by phone). I will have a some availability to work in-person for initial sessions that can be done at the New Ulm Wellness Collective, please contact Denae directly at 218-230-8755 to schedule in-person sessions. All online sessions will be scheduled through Google Meet. If you do not have access to Google Meet, then we will be doing a phone session (not available for initial session - please contact the practitioner directly to arrange an alternative method).
  • What can be cleared in an MBSR™ session?
    Items that may come up in your session include: - Addressing emotions imprinted (negative emotions &/or blocked positive emotions) - Clearing emotional blocks from specific organs, glands, and/or tissues - Clearing emotions from scars and in the spine - Clearing dis-resonance between people to improve relationships
  • What should I expect after my session?
    Each person will experience and process MBSR™ clearings differently. Some feel like a sense of calmness, very relaxed, or like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders and others may experience detox symptoms as the body is able to release physical and emotional toxins from the body. This could look like a feeling of fatigue or even a bit detached. A small number may feel like they are in an acclimation/adjustment period while they come to terms with the blocks identified. In addition, I am always available via email or text after each session for additional questions and support, as needed, prior to a follow-up session.
  • What is the investment of receiving MBSR™?
    MBSR™ Foundational Clearing: 40-60 minutes via Online/In-Person/Phone $85.00 (Adult 16+) *Price to increase October 1st, 2023 $70.00 (Infant/Child 15 & younger) *Price to increase October 1st, 2023 Bundle sessions available to save & maximize your investment! MBSR™ Mini Clearing (Non-Interactive): 20-30 minutes $45.00 Non-interactive sessions are only for those who have had at least two interactive sessions, you are not present during this session. This is a great session for someone needing additional support between full sessions that can be good for a specific emotion, life changes, or stress surrounding an upcoming event/person. After you have scheduled your appointment, you will email or text me what one intention you would like to focus on. When I have completed the clearing, I will send you clearing notes and additional action step information.
  • MBSR™ & Spirituality
    "A common question we get out MBSR is around the spiritual & religious components: 'do I need to be a spiritual person to benefit from MBSR?' Or 'is my religion in conflict with this service?' No, you do not need to be spiritual to benefit from MBSR. Conversely, MBSR is not inciting spirits in any way or seeking to replace religious beliefs. There's nothing magical about MBSR, it is simple utilizing muscle testing to identify what is impacting our physical, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing." - Amanda Mirabella, Master Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner As a practicing Christian myself, I personally believe that when God created the world, He created energy and said it is good. God's intention for us is to utilize this amazing gift and use it for good and healing. A couple of MBSR™ practitioners explain this beautifully in more detail:
  • Why I love MBSR™
    The moment I became a mom, I learned first hand how important it is to take care of yourself first before taking care of anyone else. After my first son was born, I became someone I didn't recognize and realized later that what I went through was post-partum depression. My first birthing experience was traumatic and all I cared about the time was that my newborn baby was healthy so my emotional needs went on the back burner. That experience alone and thereafter, paved the way for what would eventually evolve into my passion of learning physical and emotional self care modalities that I would eventually get to share with other moms, women, infants, and children. As I was researching different ways to heal the body holistically, I became easily intrigued and wanted to learn more about energy, frequency, and vibrations and how they are a piece to the puzzle of the healing process and just as important to our health as receiving physical work (ex. massages, exercising, good nutrition, etc.). It only took one session for me to feel the difference in myself I was searching for. I've seen the amazing benefits that MBSR™ can offer not just in myself (and throughout my own pregnancy), but in my own family members, children, & friends. I'm so excited to share this amazing service with you!

Disclaimer: The Mind Body Spirit Release™ technique is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe in anyway, or take the place of medical/therapeutic care.

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