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A personalized blend of informed soft tissue manipulation and intuitive touch custom designed to suit your unique needs in managing chronic pain and stress. Each body is different and require different modalities during the session. Some of these modalities may include deep tissue, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, assisted stretches, and myofascial release techniques. Experience relief from chronic pain conditions such as general neck, shoulder, and hip/back pain, chronic fatigue, emotional stress/trauma, sciatica, whiplash, and more. My goal for you is to leave with improved movement, mobility, decreased inflammation, and overall greater sense of relaxation for your body.​

  • 45 min: focus on 1-3 areas

  • 60 min: focus on 2-4 areas

  • 75 min: full body/requested areas of focus

  • 90 min: full body/requested areas of focus

Hot towels are used with every session unless requested otherwise.

30 minute & 120 minute appointments are available for established clients only. 


  • 45 min: $65.00

  • 60 min: $80.00

  • 75 min: $95.00

  • 90 min: $115.00

*All rates include tax, card processing fee, & tip. Tips are not expected.

Add-on Options (additional cost at check-out):

Manual Cupping: $10.00 (partial set) & $15.00 (full set)

Hot Stone: $10.00

Hot/Cold Stone: $15.00

Himalayan Salt Stone: $15.00


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