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I am a huge believer that the products we use in and on our bodies affects the way we feel physically and mentally. Our environment, food supply, and everyday personal care products are filled with toxins, herbicides, pesticides, parasites, etc. that can end up being the root cause of dis-ease. With proper supplementation, nutrition, and cleaner household goods you can decrease your everyday exposure. 


Affiliation Disclaimer: I only share companies and products I am passionate about and will only partner with ones I fully trust and use in my personal household. With that, I may receive some commission from some of the links.

Rowe Casa Organics provides all-natural solutions to help your family thrive. We have a selection of 160+ products made with organic ingredients for baby, pets, household, outdoor, wellness and personal care. To learn more, go to:

Rowe Casa Organics is carried as a line in my practice that you may purchase. Go to the Raw Therapy and Wellness Facebook page to find out what products are in-stock. Receive 10% off any in-stock products at the time of any Bodywork or MBSR™ service. 

Facebook page:

Every Perfect Supplements brand product is made with only all natural premium ingredients and Perfectly Pure certified - allowing you to see lab testing on the exact bath you receive. 


What is fulvic acid and humic acid? It is chemically active organic matter. It is basically dirt that just happens to contain extremely valuable natural sterols, hormones, fatty acids, polyphyenols, ketones, and other phytochemicals. It is full of beneficial bacteria that finds home in your gut and goes to work. As far as a nutritional supplement, it is a dream come true. Some benefits include reducing inflammation, mineral chelation, increases oxygen carried by red blood cells, reduction of stress causing hormones, prevents cellular mutation during reporduction, stimulates "good" gut bacteria and suppresses the "bad", prevents viral diseases, and protects the liver from disease -- among many other benefits!

"TriVibrance™ has created powerful, energetically imprinted products, to empower your mind/body/spirit to release negative emotional blocks to allow the flow of higher vibration energy and emotions into and within the body."

Use code: DENAE at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

**My favorite products include the Vibrant Space spray & Electronic Diodes

Save 20% on practitioner grade supplements by shopping through my dispensary.

Homeopathic, Nutritionals, + Botanicals 

For questions and/or to order, please contact me directly.

* In my massage practice, I love using BioCatalin Lotion for muscle and joint areas that are sore and need more TLC!

Amazingly safe, pure, and clean products for your whole family.

Organic herbal products for fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, lactation and optimal health. 

*My ABSOLUTE favorite tinctures to aid in a holistic pregnancy & birthing experience!

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