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Favorite Wellness Shops + Affiliations

I am a huge believer that the products we use in and on our bodies affects the way we feel physically and mentally. Our environment, food supply, and everyday personal care products are filled with toxins, herbicides, pesticides, parasites, etc. that can end up being the root cause of dis-ease. With proper supplementation, nutrition, and cleaner household goods you can decrease your everyday exposure. 

Affiliation Disclaimer: I only share companies and products I am passionate about and will only partner with ones I fully trust and use in my personal household. With that, I may receive some commission from some of the links.

Rowe Casa Organics provides all-natural solutions to help your family thrive. We have a selection of 160+ products made with organic ingredients for baby, pets, household, outdoor, wellness and personal care. To learn more, go to:

To order, head over to the SHOP & order online for pick-up only at the New Ulm Wellness Collective. Don't see something you want? Send me a message! I'm adding new products to the site everyday!

FullScript Dispensary

​​Save 20% on practitioner grade supplements by shopping through my dispensary.


Every Perfect Supplements brand product is made with only all natural premium ingredients and Perfectly Pure certified - allowing you to see lab testing on the exact bath you receive. 

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